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Finance Coach


South Holland, IL.

"Sandra is a very thoughtful and thorough person. A big heart but the discernment is so real! I enjoy learning from her and she’s always willing to help. Her ability to make things simple yet effective has saved me many times from errors. I appreciate her as a friend, as well as, colleague."

— Shelton

Streamwood, IL.

"Sandra Guerrero has helped my family in more ways than one!! She has educated and pushed the education for generational wealth. She has taken numerous times to educate the elders in reviewing dinosaur policies and providing patience when questions are needed."

— MzluVelavedi

Naperville, IL.

"I love Sandra's No Pressure sales style, she really wants to help with my financial needs and is willing to answer all my questions. She really has a passion to help families."

— De La Torre

Chicago IL.

"Sandra is exceptionally knowledgeable concerning various financial concepts, strategies and ideas that can truly help the middle class level up. Her greatest strength is her unwavering care for her clients and her attention to detail in helping them. You'll be pleasantly satisfied when you work with her."

— Ortiz

Woodridge, IL.

"Sandra is a phenomenal woman who’s passionate and very knowledgeable on the topic of creating generational wealth. When she was educating my family and myself she was super patient and through with explaining the information. She truly focuses on your needs and has your best interest at heart and mind.

— G. Trevino

Cicero, IL.

"I had a life insurance before and it had lapsed because it was pricey and I did a lot of payment pauses and also did not have benefits at all! I contacted Sandra and she got me back on track with a new one with a better affordable price including my 3 children with benefits. Thank you Sandra for giving us a better future!"

— Santa Brito

Oak lawn, IL.

"Sandra is an amazing woman! She has helped me understand what it is to invest not only in my businesses but in myself. She is very passionate and knowledgeable in what she does, and she has definitely taken the time to help me understand what it means to generate wealth and the different ways I can." 

— Lauren Lopez

Chicago, IL.

"Sandra is the real deal when it comes to learning about finances and establishing a strong foundation for your family! She's an advocate and a warrior for single moms and latinas! Thank you Sandra!" 

— A. Ocampo

New York

"As an entreprenuer, I was unsure what my options were for life insurance. But, Sandra explained to me the different benefits and routes I could go to get covered. Now, I'm protected and building wealth as a single mom!"

— N. Gonzalez

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